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Jon on his passion for Kettlebells


“I was first introduced to the kettlebells by a colleague, Mackenzie Lesager, at a gym in the UK who had just gotten back from a course taught by Pavel Tsatsouline in the US. Seeing Mackenzie perform some of the moves he learned got me intrigued by the bell and it’s function, so I signed up for a workshop. I remember being given a 20kg kettlebell and told by the instructor that it was going everywhere with me, all day long, it couldn’t leave my side. Midway through that day my hands were calloused and sore, my whole body ached and all I wanted was to put that bell down. The irony looking back is that you’d be lucky to try to tear me away from them now.


Jana on her first experience with the Kettlebell

Jana Matthews Abdominal Muscles

“The first time I picked up a kettlebell I thought, ‘well that looks easy enough.’ ” I was greatly mistaken after being taught the 2 handed swing technique for the first time. It was amazing how challenging swinging a weight could be. My heart was pounding after only 15 seconds and I felt exhilarated. Sometimes a new challenge or training technique is all it takes to inspire someone to push to new limits and realize their true potential. Read More...

Kettlebell Drills