“Helping our clients achieve their fitness & lifestyle goals”

Jana’s Success Stories


“Within the first few months of training with Jana we had dropped two clothing sizes… Jana has been with us every step of the way as we work towards becoming stronger and healthier and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her. Best money we’ve ever spent!”


Kristen Harron and Lisa Guglietti (40 and 41, insurance professionals, Guelph, Canada)




“My body is changing rapidly at this phase in my life but I refused to let it take over who I am or define me…The changes I managed definitely took commitment, but change like this is always within reach…”


Karen (51-year-old professor, Guelph, Canada)




“Somewhere between eating fewer bananas and doing more squats, I’d suddenly lost 15 pounds…My body fat is down from 34% to 18.5%, I’ve lost inches everywhere, and see steady results each week…Overall, I’ve really loved this whole experience but one of the main things that training with Jana has given me is confidence. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a woman who’s over the hill – I see a go-getter who’s found her mountain!”


Lianne Sprigg (42-year-old customer service representative, Guelph, Canada)




“I can say with great certainty this is the best and most fit I have ever felt in my entire life and this is after a baby!”


Kelsey Duncan (28-year-old naturopath, Guelph, Canada)




“Now it’s a year later and I feel good (my insides are so quiet); I feel strong and clear headed! I still get tired though, I am a mom! But there’s no going back. This is definitely the new and improved me!”


Lindsay Louter (Hair Stylist, Cambridge, Canada)




“Jana’s workouts are always challenging but her confidence in my ability to succeed allows me to believe as well. I feel stronger and happier and credit Jana’s holistic approach to healthy living.”


Erin (45-year-old teacher, Guelph, Canada)




“I knew I wanted to be an example to my son of healthy living, and I certainly wasn’t going to do that as a sedentary obese woman….On the first day of training, I could barely do a modified plank for 10 seconds, and now I can properly plank with the best of them…I can’t recommend JM Training enough. With absolutely no hyperbole, I can say that it has changed my life, and it can change yours too.”


Madeleine Hilker (37-year-old production assistant, Guelph, Canada)




“I’ve learned that change takes time and hard work. When I started training with Jana, My PREP time was 2 minutes and 49 seconds (pass is 2.38). The lowest time I have clocked in thus far is 2 minutes and 20 seconds!!! Needless to say, I passed!!!”


J. Smith (23-year-old court reporter, Guelph, Canada)



“Since that first day, Jana has helped me lose 80lbs, over 20% body fat and I’m the fittest I have ever been…I can’t imagine my life without exercise and I plan to push myself harder and further in the future.”


Annaliese Kibler (25-year-old student, Guelph, Canada)



“After almost 7 months of training with Jana, I have seen a great transformation in myself….Jana is truly a professional Personal Trainer and I attribute the changes in my life to her. Without her support and encouragement I couldn’t have achieved the results I see today.”


Beverly Hodder (51-year-old professional, Guelph, Canada)



“I am pleased when people tell me I don’t look my 80 years…Jana has coached me back into my once vibrant life, so I worry much less about my future. She insists I am an inspiration to those around me in the gym, which is more than I ever expected to be.”


Kenneth Milne (80-year-old retired teacher, Guelph, Canada)



Karen79“This whole experience has made me realize a lot about myself and what I am capable of…I am happy to say I am rediscovering clothes I had put away in boxes years ago thinking I would never be able to fit into them again!”


Karen Nakatsu (52-year-old professional, Guelph, Canada)




“She made me feel comfortable, was never lacking in enthusiasm and truly believed in me. I was surprised with what I was physically capable of, especially given the past injuries I was still suffering from.”


Eunice Schmalenberg (68-year-old retired professional, Guelph, Canada)