“Helping our clients achieve their fitness & lifestyle goals”

Jon’s Success Stories


“Jon has taught me more than just eating properly and getting into shape, he taught me to believe, to find the courage I didn’t even know I had, to be confident in everything I did. He didn’t just help me achieve my fitness goals, he’s helped me achieve much more than I ever expected. Jon Mills inspired me more than he, nor I ever thought possible, and still……continues to do so.”


Richard Marshall (37-year-old professional, Guelph, Canada)




“Jon was successful in reducing my body fat to single digits while increasing and or maintaining my muscle mass. Years of improper lifting created a chronic shoulder pain causing me great discomfort while working out. While working out with Jon I was finally lifting pain free.”


Aldo Daniel (51-year-old entrepreneur, Guelph, Canada)




“I have lost 30+ pounds, dropping 14% body fat and changed my whole lifestyle around. I feel a lot better about myself and I can now tie my shoes without holding my breath and I can run without pain. I have to say I have been more positive since I started training and I find myself more productive, having more energy to do things. I feel much younger than my years.”


Mark Jones (38-year-old business owner, Guelph, Canada)



“A lot has changed in my life since meeting Jon and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a positive, healthy outlook on life. Jon is an honest, hard working, positive role model and anybody would be very lucky to train with him.”


Chris Pouw (41-year-old factory worker, Guelph, Canada)



“Within a few months my definition and muscle tone had improved noticeably, I reduced my body fat by 7%, my strength was up and my endurance also increased. After that it was a matter of continuing our training to keep challenging my body and maintain those improvements.”


David Nanson (57-year-old professional, London, UK) 



Testimonial for JM Training“The strength and speed in my legs has increased allowing me to move in and out much quicker while trading punches with my opponents…my lateral movements have become much smoother making my style more versatile and myself more elusive”


Paul Rasmussen (23-year-old athlete, Guelph, Canada)




“I would say that both women and men, young and old, fit and unfit would benefit from Jon’s expertise as he is able to adapt he style and find ways to benefit all types of clients in all their goals.”


Camilla Stephenson (45-year-old professional, London, UK)



“It took 6 months for him to transform my body from around 25% body fat to 11% body fat. My physique totally changed as I made the progression from an out of shape 36 year old into a lean, muscular and fit 37 year old… I choose to keep this body for a long time and want to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives!”


Michael Holder (37-year-old professional, London, UK)




“Jon knows his stuff plus he is fun. Having someone to send your daily food intake and exercise to, is an incredible luxury and worth every penny…My thought is that some celebrity is going to discover Jon soon, so people should hire him now while they can still afford him”


Nichola Martin (53-year-old professional, Guelph, Canada) 



Georgie55“Jon kept the sessions fresh and challenging each week and was also able to show me how to train with conventional weights properly as this was something I had always shied away from for fear of injury..I completed the marathon actually feeling pretty good and went on to run 4 more.”


Georgie Acons (28-year-old professional, London, UK)



Andrew66“Jon was a great choice as through his guidance and training, he gave me the tools and inspiration I needed. As a swimmer his history of swim training was fantastic and my stroke improved significantly..I am confident to say that training with Jon is a life changing experience and I can’t recommend him highly enough!”


Andrew Dunning (39-year-old professional, London, UK)



“I was hooked and the results came quickly. Jon was always there paying close attention to form and pushing that extra bit of sweat out of me… There are no short cuts but it helps when you have Jon as a trainer helping you along the way… He is a friend and coach but a stickler for form.”


Jay Singh (34-year-old professional, Singapore)