• Guelph Tribune article – Peak Physique Documentary

Documentary chronicles Guelph fitness pro’s foray into bodybuilding

Guelph Tribune Looking at Jon Mills, there is no question; the guy works out. But the athlete and professional trainer is not a body builder. In fact, he used to get irritated when he was asked about it.

    • Guelph Mercury article – Peak Physique Documentary

Documentary shows hidden toll of physique contests

Guelph Mercury GUELPH – Jon Mills had an idea what he was in for when he decided to make a documentary film about preparing for a competitive fitness physique competition. As a personal trainer, he had seen countless people come through the gym looking to lift, cut, eat, supplement and sometimes cheat their way to success on the stage, all ripped abs and chiseled pecs.

    • Guelph Mercury article – Self-published

‘Journey to the Stage’ teaches Guelph trainer bodybuilders definitely athletes

Guelph Mercury Just over a year ago if you had asked me whether I would class a bodybuilder or fitness model as an athlete, I would have said no. Having spent most of my life competing at a high level in both soccer and swimming, I know the dedication and work ethic required to compete at this level.

    • Psychology Today article – John Mills Finds His Answers

Jon Mills Finds His Answers

Jon Mills was put on this earth to pursue his athletic goals and to help people do the same. But it took a long time for Mills to find his purpose. Once a promising athlete, Mills faced poverty, depression, addiction and, ultimately, a suicide attempt.