Our Vision

Unique Approach

49At JMT we pride ourselves on having a different approach compared to most conventional Personal Trainers. We place the emphasis on helping clients manage their lifestyles and implement exercise and nutrition plans that provide long term results. In order to do this we ensure enough time is spent understanding the journey each client has been on before they decided to contact us. Generally, most Personal Trainers do not take enough time to understand why their clients have made certain lifestyle choices or why they have gotten to this place in their life. We feel it is important to recognise that every client is different and each one has unique personality traits that have lead them to this point. These are key considerations in order to successfully motivate a client, get them passed any bumps in the road along the way and to have them achieve their goals as quickly as possible.

Amazing, Long Lasting Results

AnnalieseAt JMT we do not prescribe a one size fits all system that means clients have to follow a set of drastic exercise and nutritional measures in order to achieve their fitness goals. There are no crazy regimented boot camp schedules with an obnoxious trainer screaming at you and paying no attention to your form. We believe in educating our clients on how to train their bodies to be stronger, fitter and leaner. It is all about being functionally fit not just gym fit. We design specific exercise and nutritional plans for each individual which are not just a quick fix and can be easily implemented into their life. In our experience this approach means that a larger number of our clients get the results they want and are able to maintain this healthy and balanced lifestyle once they have stopped working with their trainer.

Functional Fitness

kettlebellAt JMT we are passionate about training our clients to be functionally fit for their specific lifestyle. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and believe that it is our job to educate each client on how and why we perform specific exercises or train a certain way. Whether you are an athlete or new to exercise, we work with clients of all levels to use a number of different functional tools during their training such as kettlebells, suspension training, free motion training, boxing along with the conventional Olympic bars and free weights. We believe that using a wide variety of functional tools not only keeps the training interesting, but enables us to keep challenging our clients, helping us push them to new levels of strength and fitness whilst achieving their goals.

Be Inspired and Inspire Others

45We believe that everybody needs to be inspired by somebody at some point in their lives in order to make positive changes and be successful. During our life, we have had the benefit of learning from and working along side some amazing people and coaches. Jon’s true inspiration to keep pushing to be a better person and trainer comes from his good friend, colleague and mentor Angie Dowds. She saw something in Jon all those years back and inspired him to better himself every day and to “never give up”. Sadly Angie is no longer with us today, but we will continue to train our clients and ourselves with passion and drive, continuing to strive for excellence in her memory.

R.I.P Angie Dowds we miss you everyday!