Corporate Training

JMT thrives in a Corporate setting. We believe that a Corporate Health & Wellness Program allows you to support the health of your employees by subsidizing an individual or group personal training program for your company. We are very passionate about what we do at JMT and have a very different approach to most other trainers. We take pride in calling ourselves Lifestyle and Well-being coaches and place a large emphasis of helping clients achieve a healthy work life balance. In our experience we feel that exercise and good nutrition is essential in order to increase productivity, morale and confidence, as well as reduce levels of stress, improve sleep patterns and as a result, overall performance at work. There are many benefits of training in a group setting with colleagues as it provides a healthy environment for team bonding, relationship building and shows that you as a company genuinely care about your employees. Our corporate service can be uniquely tailored to your company’s specific requirements. In our first meeting we will work with you to design a program and style of training that you feel represents the values you want to instil in your workplace and for your employees.