The Key to Success
At JMT we believe that a healthy, balanced diet plays a key role in achieving lifestyle and fitness goals. In our experience, if you do not commit to changing your dietary habits in the long term you will struggle to achieve what you set out to do. You can work hard and be doing all the right things in the gym but if you don’t focus on the diet as well, you will only reach a fraction of your true potential. Generally speaking, up to 70% of results are driven by our nutritional habits with the remaining 30% down to the actual training you do in the gym. Having a commitment to both will allow you to establish a long term change. JMT insists it is imperative that our clients document their food and drink choices on a daily basis. Food journals are a great psychological tool which makes the client accountable to themselves and also their trainer. In our experience this process is invaluable and generates the best results.

Specialized Diet Plans
In our opinion nutrition isn’t about a quick fix or fad diets, it is about food as fuel and establishing the balance of nutrients that gets our bodies performing most efficiently. We recognize that changing your diet is a process and can take time. This is why we focus on making sure our nutritional plans are specialized and manageable for each individual. Setting specific and realistic goals each week will help you achieve great results and maintain them long term. We take into consideration food intolerances, allergies and personal preference when building a diet plan for our clients so they can incorporate it easily into their lifestyle. It should also be noted that proper nutrition is dictated by what each client is set out to achieve. For example, the plan for someone needing to lose 15-20% body fat will differ greatly from an athlete training to increase their strength and sports specific conditioning.
The Evolution of Nutrition
We are very passionate about nutrition at JMT and believe in educating our clients on how and why we eat the things we do and at the times we do. It is important to recognize that like exercise, nutrition is an evolving subject, with new research coming out every day. We pride ourselves on ensuring we are up to date on all recent findings and incorporate them into our daily lives as well as passing this knowledge on to our clients