Originating in Russia in the 1700s the kettlebell, also know as the ‘Girya,’ is a cast iron weight used to perform ballistic exercises that challenge cardiovascular ability, strength and flexibility. The Soviet Army were the first to incorporate this tool into their physical training programs. It is a very unique and impressive piece of equipment that demands a high level of respect and should only be used by those properly trained in its function. As a Master Kettlebell Trainer, Jon places top priority on educating others on the importance of preparing the body and developing essential skills before attempting kettlebell movements. The bell can be very dangerous if it is not used and taught properly which is why any Personal Trainer should have mastered all techniques involved in their use before attempting to coach others. The kettlebell places very unique demands on the body that may differ from a normal workout routine. It can take hours of coaching and practice to allow your body enough time adapt and will help aid in building your fitness and confidence with the bell. However, the results speak for themselves.