Egg topped Pork and Sweet Potato Hash

Do you ever open the fridge and struggle at the thought of eating leftovers? One Sunday we looked in at some leftover pork chops, sweet potato and some random veggies in our fridge. So instead of throwing anything away, we threw them all together to make this delicious Egg topped Pork and Sweet Potato Hash! A quick, healthy and delicious lunch worth trying any day of the week 🙂

1) 1 sweet potato, diced (parboiled, drained, fried in some coconut oil on med-high heat, seasoned with salt and rosemary)

2) Chop ~1 cup of leftover meat (pork, chicken or beef works well here), 1/2 cup of any leftover vegetables (we used broccoli, red pepper and broccoli slaw), and reserve 4 eggs (for serving 2 people)

3) Once the potatoes start to crisp up and brown slightly as you fry them, add in the chopped meat and vegetables along with any seasoning you like (we used a shake of Montreal steak spice) and sauté until potatoes and vegetables are cooked and meat is reheated

4) In a separate pan, fry the eggs over med-low heat in a teaspoon of coconut oil until cooked through then serve over top of the hash mixture and ENJOY!

*Macros will vary depending on how many leftovers you have and what type of lean meat and vegetables you use*

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